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09 June 2010 @ 04:38 pm

members only

All posts will be locked so join // watch if you are a fan!

General Rules:

○ This is a Gillian Jacobs/Britta Perry appreciation community, the keyword being "appreciation". Bashing of her, any of the other actors or each other will not be tolerated. Of course she is not perfect and we are not expected to approve of everything but do try to keep the critisism constructive.

○ Posts should be related to Gillian/Britta. Icons/graphics/fanmixes/fiction/etc are allowed as long as they do not link to locked entries (entries that remain open for at least three days are fine). Especially about icon posts, only post them here if there are at least three Gillian/Britta icons in them. Please refrain from posting private pictures/stories/etc.

○ All posts should be locked and tagged accordingly. Look through the existing tags before tagging an entry to make sure you're using the correct tag. Having to go back to tag entries can be pretty annoying.

○ Anything that can be considered as a spoiler (clips/interviews/stills/etc) should be put behind a cut. Entries with spoilers that are not behind a cut will be deleted.

○ No community promotion posts without contacting a moderator first.

►If you have any questions or want to leave feedback do not hesitate to leave a comment here. And if you don't want others to be all up in your business send me a message.



►Just leave a comment if you want to be added.